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REI Nation Expands Property Management Services and Adds Nashville and Austin to its Footprint

Premier Property Management Group Grows as Remote Real Estate Investing Increases

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sept. 14, 2021 — REI Nation, the largest turnkey real estate investment company in the U.S., today announced it is expanding its property management services across its existing 11 markets and adding Austin and Nashville to its footprint. The company’s property management division, Premier Property Management Group, which was established to support REI Nation owner-investors, will now offer its services to any owners of single-family rental properties, regardless of their affiliation with REI Nation. In addition to the new Nashville and Austin presence, the company operates in Memphis, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Huntsville, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock and St. Louis.The move to expand property management services is in direct response to increasing demand from single-family rental property owners. As part of its complete turnkey services for remote real estate investing, REI Nation connects investors with single-family rental properties, upgrades the homes for maximum rental income, secures the renters, and provides ongoing property management.

“We know from the feedback we receive from our existing investor-owners that the way we approach property management is a cut above, and we’re delighted to expand our offerings to all single-family rental properties across our network,” said REI Nation Partner Chris Clothier. “Investors, especially those who have out-of-town properties, need a reliable resource that takes great care of the homes they own and the people who live in them. We have a proven track record with performance statistics that speak for themselves,” he added.

According to the most recent data, the company has an average length of stay of almost seven years, an average vacancy rate of less than 2% and a lease renewal rate of 78%.

REI Nation works with property owners from across the globe who invest in single-family rental properties as a passive income stream. The majority of owners invest in remote properties located away from where they live. As a result, services for turnkey real estate investing and remote property management have grown in popularity for those who want to invest in one or several single-family homes, but who don’t have the time, expertise or geographic proximity to manage the day-to-day requirements. With the expansion of its property management services to any and all property owners, the company can take advantage of this industry growth.

According to Clothier, the company’s locally based property management services have been a critical component of its significant growth over the last several years. “Unlike many turnkey real estate investment companies that use an outsourcing model, we provide property management services that ensure properties and tenants are cared for by our own committed, local resources,” he said. “That commitment to protecting owners’ real estate investments has helped us grow our turnkey model, and, as a result, increased the demand for our property management services as a stand-alone offering.”

For more information, visit Premier Property Management.

About REI Nation

REI Nation is the largest turnkey real estate investment company in the U.S. with more than 6,800 properties under management, more than 2,400 property owners, and $1.13 billion in residential rental property assets under management. The company provides individual real estate investors with end-to-end, turnkey solutions, including finding potential rental properties, analyzing ROI and revenue potential, managing required renovations, securing and vetting renters, and providing ongoing property management services through its Premier Property Management Group. REI Nation publishes The Grind, a free subscriber-based platform and podcast offering tips and tactics designed for investors and entrepreneurs who want to increase their success in business and real estate. Memphis-based REI Nation, formerly Memphis Invest, was founded in 2003 and is privately held. More information can be found at reination.com.

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