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REI Nation Expands Texas Footprint with San Antonio Launch

Turnkey Real Estate Investment Company Offers Remote Investing Services

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — December 22, 2020 — REI Nation, the largest turnkey real estate investment company in the U.S., today announced it is expanding its presence in Texas with the opening of its San Antonio market, adding to the existing Dallas and Houston footprint. REI connects real estate investors with single-family rental properties, upgrades the homes for maximum rental income, secures the renters, and provides ongoing property management as part of its complete turnkey services for remote real estate investing.

The expansion allows the company to begin offering San Antonio single-family investment properties to its clients across the globe. It rounds out an already robust presence in Texas for REI Nation which was founded in Memphis, Tenn. in 2003 and selected Dallas as its first expansion market in 2012.

“When we were ready to expand beyond our headquarters city of Memphis, Texas was the perfect place to do so,” said REI Nation Partner Chris Clothier. “Its growth potential, solid job market and strong housing sector make it very attractive to our investors. Dallas and Houston have performed well, and we expect the same from San Antonio which offers vibrant neighborhoods and a community pride that contribute to successful real estate investing,” he said.

Unlike the majority of turnkey real estate companies, in addition to finding and renovating the properties, REI Nation finds, vets and places renters – which are referred to as residents – as part of its complete service for owners. This end-to-end turnkey solution provides long-term, passive income and allows remote investors to find and own properties in markets other than where they live. A majority of REI Nation investors own real estate properties in markets other than their own.

Turnkey real estate investing has grown in popularity for those who want to invest in one or several single-family homes, but who don’t have the time or expertise to manage construction updates and ongoing property management. Almost 90% of single-family rental homes in the U.S. are owned by “mom-and-pop” investors who own fewer than 10 properties. “We’ve seen an incredible appetite for single-family rental investment properties over the last few years. But just because someone wants to own rental property doesn’t mean they necessarily want to deal with the day-to-day requirements. We make it easy for owners to ensure their investment will generate positive ROI from the beginning, and active markets like San Antonio offer great investment potential,” said Clothier.

The San Antonio expansion brings the number of REI Nation investment markets to eight and includes Memphis, Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock and St. Louis.  

About REI Nation

REI Nation is the largest turnkey real estate investment company in the U.S. with more than 6,800 properties under management, more than 3,000 property owners, and $1.13 billion in residential rental property assets under management. The company provides individual real estate investors with end-to-end, turnkey solutions, including finding potential rental properties, analyzing ROI and revenue potential, managing required renovations, securing and vetting renters, and providing ongoing property management services through its Premier Property Management Group. REI Nation publishes The Grind, a free subscriber-based platform and podcast offering tips and tactics designed for investors and entrepreneurs who want to increase their success in business and real estate. Memphis-based REI Nation, formerly Memphis Invest, was founded in 2003 and is privately held. More information can be found at reination.com.

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